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Buckeye will commonly have bark incursions, live edges, and voids in burl eyes. These are commonly filled with crushed minerals or left as voids to add natural beauty in finished projects. If you are looking for defect free Buckeye you should limit the size to 12" or less and 3" wide or less in 1" thick material. If you need larger sizes pick another species or be prepared to work with and around voids and defects.

Although Buckeye is a hardwood it is much softer than many softwoods. With this in mind it is ideal to stabilize for knives and pens. Superglue can be used to do this for pens and can save a couple of dollars per pen over stabilizing. Buckeye is often used in decorative boxes and in Electric and Bass guitars. The amazing patterns & colors of this wood make it very popular.

Burl, Buckeye

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