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Aside from the dramatic color of the wood, the distinctive smell makes Camphor a unique find.

Camphor is easy to work. It saws well even though it has a slight dulling effect on saws and other cutting edges. It is remarkably dimensionally stable. You can re-saw fairly thin plates of Camphor and as long as you allow air to circulate around all sides of the plate as it equilibrates to the ambient temperature and humidity, it will remain flat. One word of caution—freshly cut Camphor can be corrosive to steel and cast iron, so keep your scraps and sawdust cleared off your machine surfaces.

Camphor is not particularly oily so almost any finish can be applied without problems. Shellac is good as is an oil varnish mixture with a buff coat of wax. The use of an ultraviolet light inhibitor in the finish will slow down wood darkening.

Camphor is used for tabletops, furniture, bowls and other turned objects, solid-body guitar and acoustic guitar parts, knife and pistol handles, pens, jewelry boxes, sculptures, and many other uses.

Burl, Camphor

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