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Teak is remarkable for its warm color, strength, durability, and resistance to damaging elements and pests. Thus, it is a versatile wood that can adapt to any situation and condition. Shipbuilders love to use Teak for its high water resistance. Besides, it doesn’t splinter quickly, making it a good choice outdoors and indoors. 

Since teak wood has natural oil contents, tight grain, and high tensile strength, it is perfect for applications that require high weather resistance. You can use it for boat decks and outdoor furniture. You can also use it for indoor flooring, cutting boards, countertops, and veneers. 

Teak wood gets also used for deck railings. Besides, it gets used for making window frames and doors. It also gets used for beams and columns. You can work this wood efficiently, but it can also blunt your cutting tools due to the high silica content of the wood. 

Teak, Plantation Grown

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