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Entlish Walnut
 also known as European Walnut, French Walnut, Common Walnut, has heartwood that is a light brown with some darker brown streaks. Sometimes it may have a gray or purple cast and the sapwood is nearly white. The texture has midsized pores which make for a smooth finish. Grain is usually straight, but can be irregular or show figured grain patterns like: curly, crotch, and burl. English Walnut wood is durable in terms of decay, although it is susceptible to insects. Typically it is a easy wood to work with if the grain is straight and regular and a bit more challenging if working with pieces with irregular, figured grain or burl. Care is needed when working, turning and plaining to avoid tear out. Some common uses for English Walnut include: High-quality furniture, chairs, clock cases, cabinetmaking, gunstocks, interior paneling, veneers, and other small wooden projects.

Walnut, English

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